Message to Corporate Directors

According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, “…there is marked disappointment in how the private sector has performed”. Only 29% of the public think that CEO/Management is doing an outstanding job, behind academics, government, NGO’s, and journalists. The reputation of corporate governance continues to suffer. We must be proactive and intentional about telling our stories to those preparing to enter the workforce.  

The NACD Pacific Southwest chapter is seeking positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) stories/case studies from our corporate director members so that they can be disseminated and studied in the classrooms of our youth. The stories should highlight the "good" that your corporation is providing to society. The maximum length should be 1,500 words. We encourage submission of any and all stories of good corporate governance for our repository. Our goal is to improve the reputation of corporate directors while helping to educate our youth so that they are “workforce ready”, especially those in underrepresented populations. Note: See the FAQ page for format requirements. Please submit your positive ESG stories/case studies to [email protected]


The objective of this initiative is to educate young high school and college students about the positives of the U.S. economic system and private sector corporations by sharing insights of good corporate governance. The goal is to repair the reputation of corporate directors and the governance community while helping to kick-start students’ careers.

Three Pillars of the CSR Initiative 

Pillar 1: 

Ensure high school and college students are "workforce ready".

Pillar 2: 

Enhance the reputation of corporate directors.

Pillar 3:

Help the underrepresented and disadvantaged populations.

To be "workforce ready", students need to know that:

*They need a basic understanding of the economy, the job market and governance
*The private sector companies make positive contributions to society
*They must abide by the laws and regulations to have a successful career
*The private sector entrepreneurs allow you to pursue “purpose-driven” careers
*Corporate governance has a positive impact on their lives 

Calls to Action: Corporate Directors’ Options are:

*Write and submit an ESG-related story/case study for students to study and analyze
*Participate in a fireside chat for an NACD Pacific Southwest chapter educational program
*Convince your board to be a sponsor or make a personal donation for this initiative

We encourage corporate directors to engage in each of the above.